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Testimonies of Some Professing/Professed Christians

I decided to blog a list of notable professing/professed Christian testimonies (or biographies). By notable, I don't necessarily mean they are genuine Christian testimonies. For example, there are some testimonies that involve claims of supernatural events and occurrences. While I believe that God still works supernaturally in the world, I also believe that there are spiritual counterfeits (not to mention con artists and frauds who knowingly make false claims).

Having said that, there are some testimonies here which I believe are from genuine Christians. Some of whom I highly respect and admire. Given those caveats, know that listening to testimonies and accepting them is like purchasing goods and services. The buyer should beware (caveat emptor).
Some of these are videos and others are in written format.

Christian intellectuals
Love The Lord with Heart and Mind
Various Evangelical intellectuals and scholars answer a questionnaire about their Christian experience.

Dr. Michael L. Brown testimony from his website

Dr. Michael L. Brown testimony (part 1)

Brown's Testimony on It's Supernatural TV show

Brown's Testimony "From LSD to PhD" on Think It Thru

William Lane Craig's Conversion Testimony

World renowned Christian apologist William Lane Craig shares his conversion testimony to Christianity. Well known in the atheist community, Craig has had numerous debates with leading atheists and Muslims. He has debated or dialogued with three of the "Four Horsemen of New Atheism" (D. Dennett, S. Harris, C. Hitchens). The fourth, Richard Dawkins, refuses to debate Craig. Fellow atheist and Oxford doctor of philosophy Daniel Came implied that Dawkins' refusal could be interpreted as "cowardice" on his part. Dawkins seems to be willing to make any excuse so that he doesn't have to debate Craig one on one. Atheist Luke Muehlhauser wrote, "As far as I can tell, he [Craig] has won nearly all his debates with atheists...I’m not the only one who thinks Craig has won nearly all his debates. For some atheists, it is rather maddening." Regarding the Craig/Hitchens debate, he said Craig won so convincingly that, "Frankly, Craig spanked Hitchens like a foolish child." Atheist scholar (and Champion of sorts) Richard Carrier admitted that he lost his debate against Craig. Sam Harris, in his debate against Craig started out by saying (tongue-in-cheek) that Craig was "...the one Christian apologist who seems to have put the 'fear of God' into many of my fellow atheists [at 27 minutes and 40 seconds]" because many of his atheist friends begged him to make sure he did not lose the debate. Atheist leader John W. Loftus wrote immediately after the Craig/Harris debate that "Bill (Craig) has once again showed himself as the best debater of this generation, that's for sure."

Craig's numerous debate opponents have included:
Frank Zindler (in 1993), who served as interim president of the atheist organization American Atheists in 2008.
Paul Kurtz, considered by some to be the "father of modern secular humanism".
Antony Flew, who was one of the most noted atheist philosophers in the 20th Century.
A. C. Grayling, future Vice-president of the British Humanist Association.

William Lane Craig's Testimony (Highly Recommended) 
The Impact the Resurrection Has on Craig (Highly Recommended)
Why William Lane Craig is a Christian
About the "Sandy" that led William Lane Craig to the Lord
An article on Craig at The Chronicle of Higher Education
The New Theist: How William Lane Craig became Christian philosophy's boldest apostle
William Lane Craig's favorite philosopher is Alvin Plantinga

Alvin Plantinga's Spiritual Autobiography

Steve Hays
Why I Believe: A Positive Apologetic (part 1)
Why I Believe: I'm Glad You Asked! (part 2)
Steve also contributed to the above questionnaire "Love The Lord with Heart and Mind"

Craig Keener

C.S. Lewis (dramatized documentary)
different portion of same documentary
The Comparative World Views of two Great Thinkers in the 20th Century, C. S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud

James White

Scientists who are Christian
Francis Collins (head of Human Genome Project)

Hugh Ross (astrophysicist)

Christian pastors, evangelists, motivational speakers etc.
Franklin Graham

The Life Story of Erwin Lutzer (talks about destiny decisions)

Lutzer's impersonation of Billy Graham

David Ring (born with cerebral palsy)

Matt Slick's Testimony

Sam Storms

Nick Vujicic (born without arms or legs) [CBN version 8 minutes]

Nick Vujicic part 1 of 11

Celebrities, Athletes and Singers
I'm hesitant to include celebrities and athletes because I suspect that many aren't as committed to being and living as Christians as they appear. Nevertheless, here are some that are interesting to me.

Mike Singletary's Testimony

Michael Chang's Testimony

Jeremy Lin's Testimony

Tim Tebow

The Keith Green Story

Christian testimonies that contain difficult to believe claims. You decide if they seem credible or not.

Ian McCormack

Kamal Saleem a former Jihadist becomes a Christian

Miscellaneous testimonies
Peter Hitchens (brother of famous atheist Christopher Hitchens)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Resources for Dealing with Alleged Bible Contradictions, Discrepancies and Errors

Introductory resources for alleged Bible "Contradictions", "Discrepancies" and "Errors". Or what I like to call "Bible CDEs" for short. Some of these resources are texts while others are in audio format.

One of my all time favorite apologists is Steve Hays.
Below are links to his paper "Why I Believe"

"Triablogue" is where he and the other "Triabloggers" blog on apologetical issues. Here's the website:


Why I Believe by Steve Hays part 1: A Positive Apologetic

Why I Believe by Steve Hays part 2: I'm Glad You Asked!

In part 2 he deals with Biblical criticism and succinctly notes that, "Inerrancy is perfectly compatible with selective reporting, topical sequencing, paraphrastic citation, round numbers, variant names, and literary dependence."
He obviously says more, and so I recommend one reads the entire section.

John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible
Gill's commentary often addresses many classic CDEs.


Adam Clarke's Bible Commentary
Clarke's commentary often addresses many classic CDEs.


Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible
by Jamieson, Fausset and Brown often addresses many classic CDEs.



What is Inerrancy? audio podcast with William Lane Craig

The Inerrancy of Scripture by Kevin Vanhoozer

Norman Geisler's When Critics Ask: A Popular Handbook of Bible Difficulties (online)

Difficulties in the Bible: Alleged Errors and Contradictions by R.A. Torrey


Countering Bible Contradictions
(this link is down, so I think I found another copy below)

Contradicting Bible Contradictions

Hard Sayings of the Bible by Walter C. Kaiser 

Steve Gregg's lecture series titled "Authority of Scriptures" can be listened to at this link:
The most relevant are parts 5, 7 and 8 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

05. Historical Accuracy of the Bible

07. Alleged Discrepancies - Part 1

08. Alleged Discrepancies - Part 2

The Inerrancy of Scripture lectures by Wayne Grudem
(based on his book Introduction to Systematic Theology)

part 1

part 2

part 3

For all the lectures by Wayne Grudem based on his book, visit this link:

Or here:

Do the Gospels Contradict Themselves? by Michael Licona (43 min. video)

Do the Gospels Contradict? by Michael Licona

 Mike Licona Discusses What Makes a Bible Contradiction

Mike Licona interviewed by Frank Turek on Bible Contradictions

The A, B, Cs . . . Ds Es of Defending the Gospels - Dr. Mike Licona

Why are there differences in the Gospels? - Mike Licona

Why are there differences in the Gospels? - Mike Licona  (same lecture as above given at a different time)

Gospel Differences & Compositional Textbooks

Webinar: Why Are There Differences Between the Gospels? A Conversation with Dr. Michael Licona

Articles (mostly) by Norman Geisler on the "Licona Controversy"  

Is Genre Criticism of the Gospels Contrary to the Inerrancy of Scripture? by Norman Geisler

Mike Licona Responds to Norman Geisler

 I also recommend the blogs on the "Licona Controversy" at Triablogue-
For example:

The resurrected saints (9/12/11)
Hubner on Licona (9/12/11)
Geisler responds to Licona (9/13/11)
Something Close to Biblicism (9/13/11)
Geisler adversus Geisler (9/14/11)
Licona responds to Mohler (9/15/11)
Father Church (9/15/11)
Just in the Nick of time (9/15/11)
Lumpkins disposable morals  (9/16/11)
Odds and Enns (9/16/11)
Early Christian And Non-Christian Interpretations Of The Matthew 27 Phenomena (9/16/11)
The Doctrine of Inspiration and the World of the Ancient Near East (9/16/11)
"An Inconsistent Argument Against Inerrancy" (9/16/11)
Geisler's selective prooftexting (9/18/11)
The day hope died (9/18/11)
The blessed hope (9/19/11)
Penultimate thoughts on the Licona controversy (9/19/11)
Inerrancy and hermeneutics  (9/19/11)
When the Saints Go Marching In (11/19/11)
Beckwith misstates Catholic theology (12/3/11)
Roundtable Discussion Of Matthew 27:52-53 (7/31/12)
Gospel Contradictions
(read in connection with Lydia McGrew's post:
A gospel fictionalization theory is no help to the gospel
Police videos and Gospel harmonization
Gospel harmonization
Jesus remembered



Contradictions in the Bible accounts of Jesus rising from the dead?

Discrepancies in the Gospels with W. Hall Harris and Darrell Bock

Darrell Bock on Bible Contradictions

Inerrancy and the Gospels: A God-Centered Approach to the Challenges of Harmonization by Vern Poythress (book) 

Inerrancy and Worldview: Answering Modern Chalenges to the Bible by Vern Poythress

Inerrancy, Harmonization and the Synoptic Gospels: A Response to Darrell Bock by Vern Poythress

Logic by Vern Poythress

Presuppositions and Harmonization: Luke 23:47 as a Test Case by Vern Poythress

Dan Olinger on Bible Contradictions (part 1 and 2)
From his series on apologetics
part 1

part 2

Resolutions to Bible Contradictions by Apologetics Press website

A Bible Commentary for Muslims

Errors and Contradictions in the Bible? from the Answering Islam website

101 Cleared-Up "Contradictions" in the Bible! By: Jay Smith, Alex Chowdhry, Toby Jepson, James Schaeffer

Introduction to Bible Difficulties and Bible Contradictions by Matt Slick

E.W. Bullinger's unique way of resolving alleged CDEs can be found by reading the Appendixes to his The Companion Bible.
Some of his resolutions are far-fetched and clearly ad hoc. While others may have some merit.

Appendixes to The Companion Bible

An example of one of resolutions which at first seemed ad hoc to me, but now seems plausible is the seeming contradiction of whether both criminals reviled Christ or whether one of them honored him.
He deals with it in appendix 164 THE "OTHERS"CRUCIFIED WITH THE LORD
John W. Schoenheit does a great job explaining Bullinger's resolution in this YouTube video
This might be the same John Schoenheit who was once associated with the cult "The Way International". I post the link to the video only for the specific topic of the alleged contradiction. I don't endorse all of this person's theology (whoever he is).

Another work by Bullinger that can be helpful in resolving apparent contradictions is his book

Figures of Speech Used in the Bible

For the sake of fairness here's a link to the website which has the most comprehensive list of alleged Bible contradictions from a skeptics point of view. Fortunately, and to the credit of the website's author, the website also has links to responses and resolutions offered by other people on other websites. The famous (or for some infamous) website is:

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible (SAB)

Christian Responses to the SAB:

A similar site to the SAB is Though the website lists passages that suggest Biblical errancy, there are nevertheless interesting comments that people have posted that make some sense as to how some of these discrepancies can be resolved.

Dave Armstrong's Master List of Christian Internet Resources for Bible Difficulties

Six Factors That Do Not Affect Inerrancy by C. Michael Patton

Some links to some comments I've made on blogs concerning Inerrancy.

Words of light and life

One angel or two?

For more of my comments on this topic and various topics, one can go to this page:

My Comments on Other Blogs

Answering Moral Objections to the Bible 

Book Reviews of Recent Atheist Authors by Christian Apologists

Future planned additions to this blog will include:
-Recommended books in defense of Inerrancy
-Further resources for specific CDEs