Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Epic Boston College Debate on the Papacy

Was the Apostle Peter the First Pope?

The following videos are the 2 Boston College Debates between Catholic apologists Scott Butler & Robert Sungenis versus Protestant apologists James White & Robert Zins which occurred in the summer of 1995.

Two Debates in One:
1. Is the Papacy Biblical? 2. Is the Papacy Historical?

Together, both debates are over 4 hours long. But, in my opinion, definitely worth listening to.

I first listened to these debates about a decade ago. I personally think the Protestants won both debates. However, I say that as a former Catholic, and current Protestant. So, I might be biased in that opinion. But you can now decide for yourself, thanks to YouTube.

Inferior video versions of the above debates:

Debate 1 deals with the BIBLICAL evidence for or against the Papacy

Debate 2 deals with the HISTORICAL evidence for or against the Papacy

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