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Andrew Murray's Works

I've always been blessed and impressed by the profound and spiritual writings of Andrew Murray. So, I've decided to find as many links as possible to online version of his works (either freely or for purchase). The following list of his works is taken from Francis Nigel Lee's book Rev. Dr. Andrew Murray -- Calvinist, or Pentecostalist? (which is freely available at his website It would be a waste of my time to add links for each book. So I'll just list the various websites that contain his books at the bottom of this post.

By the way, I myself am Calvinistic soteriologically, Charismatic pneumatologically, and Baptistic sacramentally and ecclesiologically.

(All Afrikaans and Dutch titles, are below rendered into English)

1858. Jesus the Friend of Children (Cape Town, 54 pp.)
1860. The Power of Prayer (Cape Town, 85 pp.)
1863. What Shall Become of This Little Child? (Cape Town, 230 pp.)
1864. Abide in Jesus (Cape Town, 221 pp.)
1867. Why Do You Not Believe? (Amsterdam, 165 pp.)
1867. Believest Thou This? (Cape Town, 36 pp.)
1868. Modern Unbelief (Cape Town, 354 pp.)
1868. A Lecture on the Modern Theology (Cape Town, 46 pp.)
1869. Clothing in the Word of God (Cape Town, 46 pp.)
1875. The Lord's Table (Cape Town, 137 pp.)
1876. Labourers for the Harvest (Cape Town, 36 pp.)
1876. Grow in Grace! (Cape Town, 175 pp.)
1879. Hidden Prayer (Cape Town, 32 pp.)
1880. The Bible in the Secret Place (Cape Town, 24 pp.)
1883. The Prayer of Faith (Cape Town, 18 pp.)
1884. Like Christ (London, 256 pp.)
1884. I Am the Lord! (Cape Town, 15 pp.)
1884. God's Stewards (Cape Town, 24 pp.)
1884. Stay With the Lord! (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
1884. The School of Prayer (Neerbosch, 253 pp.)
1885. The New Life (Cape Town, 246 pp.)
1885. Sanctification (London, 84 pp.)
1886. The Children for Christ (London, 448 pp.)
1887. Holy in Christ (London, 302 pp.)
1887. Thy Sun Shall Nevermore Set! (Cape Town, 34 pp.)
1887. On Preaching 'Christ Our Example' (London, 31 pp.)
1888. The Spirit of Christ (London, 394 pp.)
1889. In Whom I Am Well Pleased (Cape Town, 36 pp.)
1890. Marshall's 'Holiness Through Faith' (The Hague, 30 pp.)
1891. The Promise of the Spirit (Cape Town, 24 pp.)
1891. Have Faith in God! (Cape Town, 24 pp.)
1891. Further Blessing (Cape Town, 12 pp.)
1892. A Better Life (Cape Town, 36 pp.)
1892. Prayer and the Holy Spirit (Cape Town, 33 pp.)
1893. A Message From Our Heavenly Father (Amsterdam, 172 pp.)
1893. Looking Unto Jesus (Amsterdam, 542 pp.)
1893. Wholly for God (London, 328 pp.)
1893. Be Ye Perfect! (London, 156 pp.)
1893. Love Made Perfect (London, 81 pp.)
1893. Jesus Himself (London, 75 pp.)
1894. The Power of the Blood of Jesus (Amsterdam, 208 pp.)
1894. Addresses in the 'Cloister Church' (The Hague, 107 pp.)
1894. The Holiest of All (London, 552 pp.)
1894. Let Us Draw Nigh! (London, 149 pp.)
1894. The Lord Thy Healer (London, 95 pp.)
1894. Why Believest Thou Not? (London, 139 pp.)
1895. The Master's Indwelling (New York, 140 pp.)
1895. The Spiritual Life (New York, 243 pp.)
1895. The Christian Life (Toronto, 54 pp.)
1895. Daily Fellowship With God (Chicago, 4 pp.)
1895. The Prophet Priest (London, 84 pp.)
1895. Living What We Preach (London, 8 pp.)
1895. What Full Surrender Means (London, 8 pp.)
1895. The Self Life (London, 8 pp.)
1895. Filled With the Spirit (London, 6 pp.)
1895. Be Of Good Cheer! (London, 9 pp.)
1895. Address to Mothers (London, 8 pp.)
1895. The Power of the Spirit (London, 218 pp.)
1895. Have Mercy Upon Me! (London, 197 pp.)
1895. Absolute Surrender (London, 188 pp.)
1895. Humility (London, 99 pp.)
1896. Complete Salvation (Cape Town, 262 pp.)
1896. The Divine Indwelling (London, 128 pp.)
1896. Waiting on God (London, 151 pp.)
1896. Not My Will! (Amsterdam, 146 pp.)
1896. Addresses in Holland and England (Brussels, 272 pp.)
1897. The Mystery of the True Vine (London, 172 pp.)
1897. The Ministry of Intercession (London, 226 pp.)
1897. Money (London, 99 pp.)
1897. Holy Within (London, 110 pp.)
1897. Pray Without Ceasing! (Cape Town, 36 pp.)
1897. I Am With Thee! (Cape Town, 12 pp.)
1898. Dying to Self (London, 111 pp.)
1898. The Fruit of the Vine (London, 103 pp.)
1898. The School of Obedience (London, 126 pp.)
1898. The Two Covenants (London 190 pp.)
1898. The Dearth of Conversions (London, 39 pp.)
1898. The Ministry of Intercession (Amsterdam, 216 pp.)
1898. A Festive Year at Wellington (Cape Town, 44 pp.)
1899. The Trumpet Sounds (Nijmegen, 141 pp.)
1899. A Triple Bond (Neerbosch, 536 pp.)
1899. The War Bell Tolls (Cape Town, 14 pp.)
1899. The Andrew Murray Year Book (London, 143 pp.)
1900. Waiting Upon God (Nijmegen, 155 pp.)
1900. Thy Will Be Done! (London, 196 pp.)
1900. Out of His Fullness (London, 197 pp.)
1900. Prayer Union (Cape Town, 4 pp.)
1900. Divine Healing (Nyack N.Y., 217 pp.)
1901. Working for God (London, 161 pp.)
1901. The Key to the Missionary Problem (London, 204 pp.)
1901. The Blessing of Tribulation (Cape Town, 8 pp.)
1902. Foreign Missions and the Week of Prayer (London, 46 pp.)
1902. Working and Waiting (London, 302 pp.)
1902. The 'Pentecost Prayer Meetings' (Cape Town, 32 pp.)
1904. The Power of Prayer (Wellington, 119 pp.)
1904. The Godly Life (Cape Town, 243 pp.)
1904. The Sense of Sin (Cape Town, 20 pp.)
1905. The Revival in Samaria (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
1905. The Inner Chamber (Cape Town, 173 pp.)
1905. Sweeter Than Honey (Cape Town, 36 pp.)
1906. Be Ye Holy, for I Am Holy! (Cape Town, 28 pp.)
1906. Prayer the Answer to Missionary Problems (Cape Town, 8 pp.)
1906. Bible Readings for the Inner Room (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
1906. The Kingdom of God in South Africa (Cape Town 42 pp.)
1907. The Full Blessing of Pentecost (London, 182 pp.)
1907. Pentecost Prayer Week Subjects (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
1908. Forward Through Your Faith! (Wellington, 8 pp.)
1908. My Desire (Wellington, 32 pp.)
1908. Prayer Heroes (Cape Town, 15 pp.)
1909. Aids to Devotion (London, 134 pp.)
1909. A Call to Intercession (Wellington, 12 pp.)
1909. Open Letter to All Missionaries (Wellington, 4 pp.)
1909. The Duty of the Session (Wellington, 8 pp.)
1910. A Call to Prayer (Cape Town, 12 pp.)
1910. Christ in the Heart (Cape Town 20 pp.)
1911. The Promise of the Father (Cape Town, 112 pp.)
1911. I Am the Lord's! (Cape Town, 14 pp.)
1911. Call to Prevailing Prayer (Cape Town, 24 pp.)
1911. Notes on Bible Study Subjects (Cape Town, 14 pp.)
1911. Church Dedication (Paarl, 8 pp.)
1911. The State of the Church (London, 152 pp.)
1912. Lord, Teach Us to Pray! (Cape Town, 69 pp.)
1912. Prayer Life and the Inner Room (Cape Town, 110 pp.)
1912. Abundant Grace (Wellington, 14 pp.)
1912. The Spirit and the Cross (Wellington, 15 pp.)
1913. The Prayer Life (London, 153 pp.)
1913. The Book of Psalms (Stellenbosch, 13 pp.)
1913. Pray for One Another! (Cape Town, 68 pp.)
1913. Unity is Strength (Cape Town, 68 pp.)
1914. Worship God! (Cape Town, 64 pp.)
1914. With All the Heart (Cape Town, 64 pp.)
1914. The Secret of Intercession (London, 62 pp.)
1914. The Secret of Adoration (London, 63 pp.)
1914. The Spirit Upon All Flesh (Amsterdam, 16 pp.)
1915. From Day to Day (Cape Town, 67 pp.)
1915. The Throne of Grace (Cape Town, 68 pp.)
1915. Love (Cape Town, 74 pp.)
1915. The Secret of the Faith Life (London, 75 pp.)
1915. After Pentecost (Stellenbosch, 68 pp.)
1915. The Spiritual Condition of the Church (Cape Town, 190 pp.)
1915. The Way to Revival (Cape Town, 47 pp.)
1915. A Guide to Missionary Intercession (Cape Town, 8 pp.)
1915. Prayer (Cape Town, 12 pp.)
1915. Spiritual Life and Missions (Cape Town, 3 pp.)
1915. Religion and Politics (Cape Town, 4 pp.)
1916. The Cross of Christ (Stellenbosch, 68 pp.)
1916. God in Us (Stellenbosch, 68 pp.)
1916. Christ Our Life (Cape Town, 68 pp.)
1916. The Supreme Need (London, 30 pp.)
1916. The Secret of Inspiration (London, 67 pp.)

1917. The Fiery Baptism of the Spirit (Stellenbosch, 16 pp.)
1917. The Morning Watch (Cape Town, 35 pp.)
1917. Back to Pentecost! (London, 106 pp.)
1918. The Secret of the Abiding Presence (London, 76 pp.)
1918. The Secret of United Prayer (London, 76 pp.)

Of unknown dates:
In Defense of the Boers (Oberlin Oh., three pamphlets)
Faith in the Power of God (New York, 50 pp.)
Without Ceasing (New York, 68 pp.)
The Cross of Christ (Leicester, 30 pp.)
Suggestions for Prayer (Leicester, 12 pp.)
Repent! (Neerbosch, 36 pp.)
Bible Study (Cape Town, 27 pp.)
Total Surrender (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
The Inner Life (Cape Town, 152 pp.)
The Inner Room (Cape Town, 8 pp.)
Lord, Convert Us! (Cape Town, 31 pp.)
Faith (Cape Town, 35 pp.)
In the Morning Hour (Cape Town, 4 pp.)
The Present Need (Cape Town, 36 pp.)
Praying for the Holy Spirit (Cape Town, 4 pp.)
Backsliding (Cape Town, 11 pp.)
Christ Everything (Cape Town, 8 pp.)
Pray Without Ceasing (Cape Town, 33 pp.)
Whole-Hearted (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
The Pentecost Prayer Association (Cape Town, 4 pp.)
Feed My Lambs! (Cape Town, 8 pp.)
The Secret of Faithful Prayer (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
Elijah the Man of Prayer (Cape Town, 46 pp.)
The Baptism of the Spirit (Cape Town, 12 pp.)
The Huguenot College at Wellington (Cape Town, 2 pp.)
For Every Morning (Cape Town, 40 pp.)
The First Love (Cape Town, 12 pp.)
What God Hath Done (Cape Town, 8 pp.)
Noah's Dove (Cape Town, 4 pp.)
Have You Been Born Again? (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
The Time of Pentecost (Cape Town, 34 pp.)
The Acts of the Apostles (Cape Town, 6 pp.)
Love One Another Fervently! (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
The Priestly Life of Prayer (Cape Town, 32 pp.)
The Lost Key (Cape Town, 4 pp.)
Is God Everything? (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
How the Heavenly Father Teaches Children (Cape Town, 16 pp.)
The Praise of God's Word (Cape Town, 48 pp.)
In War Time (Cape Town, 47 pp.)
Carnal and Spiritual (London, 23 pp.)
The Cure for Worry (London, 23 pp.)
Out of the Grave (London, 24 pp.)
Receiving the Spirit (London, 24 pp.)
Privilege and Experience (London, 24 pp.)
Be Filled With the Spirit! (London, 24 pp.)
Peter's Crisis (London, 23 pp.)
To Christian Workers (London, 23 pp.)
Ye Are the Branches (London, 24 pp.)
We Can Love All The Day (London, 23 pp.)
Impossible and Possible (London, 23 pp.)
Three Things a Christian Needs to Know (London, 23 pp.)
The Secret of Success (London, 2 pp.)
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